Who we're supporting this month!

This month we are highlighting special organizations that spark change all over the world. It takes a lot of courage to start a movement and many of the organizations below were birthed out of the passion to combat injustice.

This month we'd also like to take the time to share a cause that's near and dear to our heart. We support education and the goals of our customers all over the world. 

Rachel is headed to the New York Culinary Institute of America and we'd love to show our support by sharing her cause!

Please take the time to visit Rachel Jackson-Udeh's  GoFundMe Page to learn more about her goals and how you might be able to help.


Visit Rachel's GoFundMe page and the Huffington Post, for more information about these wonderful opportunities to support great causes.

1. The National Board of Jack and Jill of America

Founded by a group of 20 mothers in 1938, Jack and Jill of America provide social, cultural, and educational opportunities for children between the ages of two and 19. Each of the 220 chapters across the country works to plan its own programs and events based on a national theme. From 2012 to 2014, the theme is “Power and Potential: Parents Empowering Youth.”

2.  Black Alliance For Just Immigration

BAJI’s efforts to unite black immigrants and African Americans are extremely crucial to overcoming the current anti-immigrant rhetoric that’s been gaining momentum since President Donald Trump’s campaign. The organization works to ensure social justice and equality for black immigrants.

3. Black Girls Code

Black Girls Code is on a mission to increase the number of black women working in computer programming. By hosting after-school programs and workshops, the org plans to train one million young black women in the field by the year 2040.

4. We Are Here

We Are Here, founded by singer Alicia Keys, is a partnership of organizations working together to end poverty, oppression, and homelessness.

5. Color of Change

With over a million members, Color of Change works to end racial injustice manifested in the media, economy and criminal justice system.


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