Raising Awareness, #EnoughisEnough

The shocking stories of open-air slave markets in Libya continue to weigh heavily on the heart of all of us here at Pure Heart Collection. We've found several ways that we can do our part to help out and we're sharing them with you.

"In a speech last month following CNN's release of the footage, Macron labeled the sale of migrants at slave auctions in the North African country as "a crime against humanity" and vowed to press for international sanctions against Libya.
News of the auctions sparked protests outside the Libyan Embassy in Paris.
The International Organization for Migration also says it will fly 15,000 more migrants home from detention centers in Libya before the end of 2017.
The UN migration agency says it has returned more than 14,007 migrants to their home countries this year already." For the entire report, click here.
CNN's Saskya Vandoorne reported from Paris, and James Masters wrote from London. CNN's Melissa Bell contributed to this report.

This month, Pure Heart Collection is partnering with the International Organization for Migration in order to raise awareness of their ongoing support for migrants in Libya as well as all over the world.

International Organization for Migration.

For more information about IOM click here 

For other ways YOU can help via Global Grind, click here.


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